Bowling Evolution Championships

This page contains information about Bowling Evolution Championships. Each of these championships consists of several online games and here players can compete with each other. You can click championship name to see its details.

Championships are organized regularly by Bowling Evolution team and active Bowling Evolution players who have been given special rights to organize them. More information about this can be found from the Bowling Evolution Forum.

You can start playing championships by buying Online Playing Time here.

Winter Tournament 2018  

Winter Tournament 2018 is here.

This championship has started at 2018-12-20 and continues till 2019-01-31. There are 6 events in this championship.

Scoring for this championship.

1det mattern3022
2T Kekki3013
3Pampie 2944
4Eila 2865
5Bob Taylor663
6Joey Swag601
7Michael Wittmann598
9h h495
10Tilo Tost423
11Vesa Oinonen159
12Azar 108

Spring Tournament 2018  

Spring Tournament is here again.

This championship has started at 2018-11-11 and ended at 2018-12-09. There are 4 events in this championship.

Final scoring for this championship.

1T Kekki2527
2Eila 2438
3det mattern2431
4Pampie 2403
5Tommy McLane1023
6Joachim Ong682
7Sullivan Sanger660
8Aapo Nissi582
9Laurie McLane565
10Денис 482
11Jason Miller344