Wednesday League

All three scores counts

This event has already ended.

A summary of rules. Oilpattern for this event is BE Christmastree. Bowling Hall for this event is Brisbane_Riverbank_Bowling. Each player is allowed to submit at most 3 scores. Each player can join the event at most 3 times. Score of 3 best series are summed up and used as the final score. Scores submitted to this event also go to Official online highscores.

Scoring for this event.

1T Kekki477
2Patryk Zamrozek459
3Tilo Tost442
4Pampie 434

Thrown scores for this event.

1265T Kekki2021-05-12 19:53:27
2247Patryk Zamrozek2021-05-12 07:13:32
3224Pampie 2021-05-12 20:09:13
4212Patryk Zamrozek2021-05-12 07:05:11
5212T Kekki2021-05-12 20:02:16
6210Pampie 2021-05-12 20:12:39
7157Tilo Tost2021-05-12 22:02:40
8147Tilo Tost2021-05-12 21:53:21
9138Tilo Tost2021-05-12 21:57:58