2020/10/07: Bowling Evolution is Being Phased Out

Bowling Evolution had a good run starting from initial release at 2006. We want to thank everyone who have been taking part to this journey! We ended selling Bowling Evolution as of now. Servers will be open until 2021-11-01 and online playing time has been extended until then for all active players. We have developed a superior bowling game Premium Bowling that we recommend to everyone!

2018/09/26: Premium Bowling Available Now!

Our new bowling game Premium Bowling was just released in Steam! Free demo available too.

2012/08/29: Free registration and online playing time available!

New players can now receive 2 weeks of free online playing time just by registering as players here! Registered players get 3 months each time they suggest Bowling Evolution to a friend and the friend ends up buying Bowling Evolution. If you suggest Bowling Evolution to a friend, remember to ask your friend to include your e-mail, login or full player name (shown in highscores) to the friend field when registering as our player.

Please support us by spreading the knowledge about this game!

2012/08/27: Bowling Evolution 2.1 released for Mac OS X!

A Mac port of Bowling Evolution has been released. It is based on a slightly modified 2.1 and a Wineskin 2.5.6 wrapper. This wrapper supports OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.7 Lion and 10.8 Mountain Lion. Download and try it out! We appreciate all feedback about running Bowling Evolution on Mac as we have not been able to test it extensively ourselves.

2012/08/21: Bowling Evolution 2.1 released!

Version 2.1 improves playability by reducing ball deflection and by introducing better camera behaviour. It also includes minor bug fixes. Some additional graphics parameters will be turned down in this version if you disable antialiasing. If you have experienced performance issues with 2.0, try 2.1 with antialiasing disabled. Download the new version from here!

Thanks to players in the forum for the feedback on version 2.0 physics!

2012/08/16: Bowling Evoluton 2.0 released!

The long-waited Bowling Evolution 2.0 has been released! Version 2.0 is a major leap forward in look and feel as well as under the hood. The players will be pleased with even better physics and graphical outlook than before. The new version has more of everything and comes readily with 5 beautiful levels! For us it is a great patform to build even richer future versions. Get it from here asap! :)

Video of Bowling Evolution 2.0.

2009/12/25: Player Merits added to Online Gaming

Merits for being in top 3 in a championship or player rankings will be given to players from now on. Ranking merits will be awarded after every week, championship merits after each championship ends.

Merits are visible in each players statistic page and will remain there for a looong time. Go hunt merits people! A good place to start the hunt is Eclipse Year 2009 Championship.

2009/12/04: Bowling Evolution 1.10 released

Bowling Evolution 1.10 has been released. Physics and sounds have both took a giant leap forward! Other changes include:

As of this version all online playing features are payable. Local modifications, additional balls and additional Bowling Halls are also supported only in the registered version. All players who have purchased BE before this change have been given 3 months of additional Online Playing Time.

Video of Bowling Evolution 1.10: