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Country Statistics  

#Top scoreNameCountryGamesAverage
1300remo cremoniGermany19247.3
2289mikko haapalaFinland81234.0
2289TGR Nebulizer United States17263.7
4278andre StackhousenUnited States21194.1
5269T KekkiFinland52201.0
6266Michael WittmannGermany155197.0
7256Pampie Germany73192.1
7256sircharles 148United States4238.0
9248René HitzSwitzerland7214.4
10247Bernd SteigerGermany14223.0
10247Mark LeeUnited States115198.8
12245Eila Finland39187.4
13243det matternGermany54193.7
14241Dennis SANDELLUnited States21209.0
15238Thomas15 StephanGermany19213.2
16222Ekkehard Germany24185.8
17202Juergen GerschkeGermany6194.7
18192foxik1976 Czech Republic26165.6
19187Reiner SasseGermany9166.7
20186Boyan Vukic94Bosnia and Herzegowina12165.6
21185Tilo TostGermany62140.2
21185Nicholas SolarUnited States3170.0
23171Nicholas United States3156.3
24139Jake B United States3134.3

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