Bowling Evolution is Being Phased Out

Bowling Evolution had a good run starting from initial release at 2006. We want to thank everyone who have been taking part to this journey! We ended selling Bowling Evolution as of now. Servers will be open until 2023-10-01 and online playing time has been extended until then for all active players. We have developed a superior bowling game Premium Bowling that we recommend to everyone!

Premium Bowling

 2020/10/07: Bowling Evolution is Being Phased Out
 2019/10/21: Premium Bowling Full Release out now!
 2018/09/26: Our new game Premium Bowling is just released in Steam Early Access!
 2012/08/29: Free registration and online playing time available!
 2012/08/27: Version 2.1 has been released also for Mac!


Game Features


Video of Bowling Evolution 2.0

Bowling Evolution Game Features

Ten Pin bowling

Bowling Evolution supports traditional Ten pin bowling. Ten pin is the most common form of bowling. Ten Pin bowling mode features a list of local all-time best results and online highscores.

Online Highscores and Championships

These optional features allow you to send your scores to the online highscore-system directly from the game. This allows you to follow up your own resuls and ranking in player rankings and compete there with your friends. Online championships allow you to play in online virtual bowling halls and chat with other players during the gameplay.

Local multiplayer game

You can play Bowling Evolution in turns with your friends using a single computer. Up to four players are supported.


Watch your gretest shots in replay mode. You can use different camera angles or use slow motion playing to see details of your throw. You can also save your replays.

Nice 3d simulation

3d-modelled bowling halls and nice sound sceneries provide you an entertaining environment to bowl in. Intuitive mouse controls are fast to learn. Achieving 300s is still very challenging, just as in real bowling.

The events in the game are modelled by a sophisticated physics engine. This gives a solid base for a good bowling game. Every throw will be different from another.

Visualization is done with a popular 3d-engine which makes the game look nice as well. You have many camera angles to select from, first person camera being the one meant for making the throw.

A lot of bowling balls

There are many bowling balls in the game and each ball has different weight, hook rating and appearance. Optional ball editor allows you to add unlimited amount of custom balls to the game.

Updates, additional content and customizations

Latest versions of languages and Additional content can be distributed to players via in-game update functionality. Additional content to registered players may include additional bowling balls, additional sounds, additional levels and other cool stuff.

Bowling Evolution players also have access to enormous amount of additional oilpatterns and ball textures at the forum. The forum also contains instructions for creating new bowling balls, ball textures and even custom levels.

Possibility for you to influence

We would like to hear what you want to be added or changed in Bowling Evolution. You may post your ideas to the forum or leave us feedback.

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