Frequently Asked Questions

I have forgotten my password, what to do?

You can reset your password from here.

How can I submit scores to Highscores-section?

First step is to register yourself as a player here. After that you can submit scores from the game. The game will ask if you want to submit the score after you have completed a game of ten pin.

I have problems loading online highscores

Your firewall may be asking for permission to connect to the Internet in the background. Try to switch window by pressing ALT + TAB.

I have problems submitting scores to online highscores

See previous entry.

I have lost my license, how to get it again?

Start Bowling Evolution and use the in-game Get License button (in main menu) to re-install your license. You only need to remember your username and password to re-install the license.

Where can I find tenpin bowling rules?

Tenpin bowling rules can be found e.g. from Wikipedia.

How can I share replays with my friends?

Your replays are stored in "replays" folder under Bowling Evolution installation folder. Shortcut to the replays folder can be found from Windows start menu: Start -> Programs -> Bowling Evolution -> Replays. You can copy replay files from this folder to your friend. Replays can be viewed from the game by selecting "View replays" from the game.

Game does not work, crashes or freezes on my computer, what to do?

First, check that you are running the latest version of bowling evolution on a supported operating system version. Next, search forum bug report section for information about the problem. Usually many people have the same problem and there may be a bug report or workaround available already.

Finally, if similar problem has not been reported to the forum already, submit a bug report about your problem to the bug report section of the forum. A good bug report in this case should contain detailed system specifications and logging information from the game. You can get log information into a file by running bowling evolution from windows command prompt following these instructions:

 Click Windows Start menu
 Click Run...
 write "cmd" and press enter
 [dos-like window opens]
 [change working directory to Bowling Evolution install directory, example]
 cd "C:\Program Files\Bowling Evolution"
 bowling.exe > bowling_log.txt  
 [starts bowling evolution with logging enabled]

When the game runs into the problem when you run it like this, close it right after the problem has occurred. Then, send a bug report and include several last lines of log information with it. Log information can now be found from Bowling Evolution installation directory, in a file called bowling_log.txt.