Hello, I'm Carlton Thomas, my bowling evolution average is currently 201, and I have a oil pattern you will love. I named it the "Control Freak Maxx". It named it that because of it's ability to help your ball go long, and hook back in at a non-abrupt motion. But it depends on the ball's hook potential, and ball speed. Once I made this pattern I tried it ASAP. I averaged about a 194, so it's not that hard to play. At the bottom are answers to questions you will likely ask.

What is the composition of this pattern?

The pattern start out with a ton of oil in the front of the lane about 30 boards wide, once the ball hits 20 feet in distance. Then once the ball hits the dry, it will snap left or right. Once this happens the ball will land in a patch of oil, near the pocket to help guide it in through the pins.


Your ball should have a 100% Friction/ 0% Length (Hook Potential).

Put your ball speed at the highest you can.

Where to Play.

Right handers stand left of middle arrow roll over 10 to 15.
Left handers do the opposite rolling over 20 to 25.

Thanks, I hope this works. ;) :)
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