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Ranking rules

Bowling Evolution ranking system takes player's best submitted tenpin scores for last 8 weeks and calculates ranking points. Latest weeks are weighted more and 4 best scores for each player are used in the calculation for each week. If less than 4 scores are submitted for some week, it will decrease ranking points. Thus, ranking system should reflect how well a player can keep up making good scores. Bowling rankings will be updated once a week at monday night.

1 -3153 TGR Nebulizer United States
2 -2543 Bob TaylorUnited States
3 -1655 sircharles 148United States
4 -893 Dennis SANDELLUnited States
5 -734 Richard MayUnited States
6 -343 Tommy McLaneUnited States
7 -326 Jesse vanselUnited States
8 -252 Sentai OtakuUnited States
9 -236 mitchel johnsonUnited States
10 -141 Minty SolarUnited States
11 -134 Minty HartnellUnited States
12 -89 Fabian VargasUnited States
13 -87 elijah ScruggsUnited States